Cat Behaviour

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Cats are a popular pet and can bring a lot of pleasure to our lives.  


Sometimes problems occur that result in behaviours that are not suitable for either the cat or their human carers.  These problems can take a variety of forms from inappropriate scratching, inappropriate toileting and aggression being the most common. It is important to ascertain the motivation for any unwanted behaviour before any modification programme can be implemented.


  • Firstly, it is necessary for all cats to have received a recent veterinary examination to rule out medical causes for the behaviour and request your Veterinary Surgeon to complete a referral form.
  • Contact us to make an appointment
  • A comprehensive questionnaire will be emailed to you for completion.  This provides background information about your cat, your household and the relationship between you and your cat.  Once this is received back completed, you will  be contacted to make an appointment.
  • Due to Covid-19 restrictions the appointment will be conducted remotely via zoom and you should allow two to three hours for this.  We will address the issue and develop a modification programme that works for you and your cat.On completion you will be provided with a written report containing details of the discussion and the modification programme.  Follow up is usually conducted by email or phone but further visits can be arranged if required.




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